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Med Consulting

A young, cutting-edge company


More than just distributors

MED Consulting is a distributor of disposable professional gloves, medical PPE and medical-healthcare products.

It has now made a name for itself on the national and international markets as a dependable and trustworthy partner.

It was founded in Alba in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brainchild of Andrea, Giovanni and Federico who realized that medical-healthcare material, and especially disposable gloves, were in short supply due to the health emergency. This realization was the starting point for this project. Thanks to the expertise of the three founders and the network that they built, the response to the medical supply shortage was fast, prompt and successful.

The business has grown exponentially in a very short time. From marketing just two types of gloves, in the space of a year, the company now has 70 PPE products and more than 1,000 items in its catalog.


Why choose our products for your customers?


By relying upon its product warehouse located in the premises of a national courier, med consulting is able to ensure the timely delivery of materials, thus responding promptly to all customer requests, including urgent supplies.


The products distributed by med consulting are the result of meticulous research and selection of the best suppliers, and are certified according to current industry standards.

Comprehensive range

Med consulting’s catalogs include a comprehensive range of ppe for a variety of professional sectors (healthcare, food, accident prevention, construction, horeca, wellness, etc.)


One of the company’s key features is its ability to expand and supplement the product catalog on the basis of market and individual requests. MED Consulting also offers Private Label services.


Where it all began

With its ability to penetrate the market in a challenging time like the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and to distribute materials and supplies to its customers in a timely manner, MED Consulting has become the go-to distributor of choice throughout Italy. The years of collaboration and partnerships with international manufacturers and suppliers, combined with the technical knowledge of its products, has allowed the company to stay ahead of market demands by offering targeted products that can meet customers’ needs, even during emergencies.


MED Consulting has focused on a specific type of PPE: disposable

gloves, which are now marketed in a variety of materials, with a wide range of characteristics, depending on the intended use. Although the company markets the entire range of disposable gloves, its expertise has also been focused on supplying nitrile versions, which offer greater strength and versatility. MED Consulting tapped into a trend that had already emerged before the pandemic and was accelerated as a result of it, setting in motion a sector-wide transformation that is changing consumption habits, introducing innovative and better performing materials.

MED Consulting’s direct ability to meet and manage the huge demand for nitrile gloves is guaranteed by its relationships with manufacturers, with whom it often has exclusive agreements for the Italian market, and will soon assume an EU-wide representative role as well.

Despite being a newly formed company, MED Consulting is recognized by customers, both public and private, as a reputable, dependable and conscientious partner. It owes its reputation to its ability, from the outset, to accompany its distribution of protective equipment with a support service that offers customers the guarantee of a consistent and trustworthy partner.

The company was awarded a number of supply tenders in the public sector, including those supplying the Local Health Authorities (ASL) of the Piedmont and Lombardy Regions (totaling about 40 million items), and is now taking part in public tenders for the supply to other Italian regions. It has also signed agreements with numerous private companies interested in the use of nitrile products.

Med consulting around the world

We distribute our products all over the world.

Thanks to commercial relationships established over the years, MED Consulting operates in several countries around the world: Italy, Europe, the United States and Canada.