Il tuo partner nelle forniture monouso

Your reliable partner for the supply of protective equipment

Med consulting is your reliable partner for the supply of gloves, PPE and medical/healthcare products.

MED Consulting manufactures and distributes disposable professional gloves, reusable and work gloves, personal protective equipment and medical-healthcare equipment.

Today, the Company is positioned on the national and international market as a safe and reliable partner, capable of responding efficiently and promptly to market demands.

Not only disposable gloves but also reusable and coated work gloves, PPE and clothing

The VAM range of gloves mainly features disposable and reusable gloves in different materials, including nitrile, latex and vinyl.

A new trademark to respond to the disposable supply needs of the medical sectors.

M+D extends MED Consulting’s offering with not only safe, reliable personal protective equipment and medical devices, but also an extensive range of medical and health items.

Medical and, particularly, sterile settings call for the utmost care when it comes to choosing daily consumables and personal protective equipment.


We serve with our forniture a variety of professional sectors.

We began by marketing disposable nitrile gloves and now, just a few years down the road, we supply more than 70 PPE products with more than 1.000 products featured in our catalog to the medical, industrial and mechanical sectors, just to cite a few.


Our services

Med Consulting is more than just a distribution company, it is a reliable partner you can depend on for the supply of disposable gloves and clothing, PPE and a whole host of other products.


MED Consulting responds promptly to market needs and is the ideal ally to create long-term partnerships.

Its in-house team offers technical and specialized advice, both on products and on the management of supplies and logistics.


With its warehouse located within the premises of a national freight courier, MED Consulting offers the logistical advantage of speedy deliveries throughout Italy and abroad, even in emergency situations.


We offer customers the option of marketing products under their own brand.