vam gloves

The brand of gloves and disposable items


The desire to offer high-quality products in line with ever-changing market demands led Med Consulting to create the VAM brand.

Partnerships with leading sector-based companies and the quality and safety certifications obtained make VAM a safe and reliable brand, capable of meeting the highest standards of use.

Not just gloves: the VAM line includes disposable gloves, work gloves, disposable clothing, personal protective equipment and medical-healthcare products.


Vam disposable
Vam guanto monouso in nitrile VAM KLEANSE by Med Consulting

The VAM range of gloves mainly features disposable and reusable gloves in different materials, including nitrile, latex and vinyl. 

Vam work
Guanto da lavoro supportato VAM Dot Mix

To complete the range, VAM also offers coated and uncoated work gloves suitable for use in a variety of sectors, including the automotive industry, HoReCa and many others.

Vam clothing
Mascherina chirurgica Med Consulting

The VAM range of clothing includes disposable clothing suitable for a variety of industries, including the medical and chemical sectors.


Timely delivery

Thanks to its product warehouse located in the premises of a national courier, MED Consulting is able to ensure the timely delivery of VAM products, thus responding promptly to all customer requests, including urgent orders.


VAM products are the result of meticulous research and the selection of the best suppliers, certified according to the sector regulations in force, in terms of quality, sustainability and safety.

Comprehensive catalog

The VAM catalog features a comprehensive range of disposable gloves and clothing, personal protective equipment and medical-healthcare items, for a variety of work sectors that require these types of products (healthcare, food, accident prevention, construction, HoReCa, cosmetics, tattoo artists, etc.)


One of VAM’s key features is its ability to expand and supplement the product catalog on the basis of market demands and requests by the company’s partners and collaborators. In addition, the company also offers Private Label services.