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The reliable and trustworthy partner for the supply of your products.

Despite being a newly-formed company, MED Consulting is recognized by customers, both public and private, as a reputable, dependable and conscientious partner. It owes its reputation to its ability, from the outset, to accompany its distribution of protective equipment with a support service that offers customers the guarantee of a consistent and trustworthy partner.

The company was awarded a number of supply tenders in the public sector, including those supplying the Local Health Authorities (ASL) of the Piedmont and the Lombardy Regions (totaling about 40 million pieces), and is now taking part in public tenders for the supply to other Italian regions. It has also signed agreements with numerous private companies interested in the use of nitrile devices.


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    Disposable gloves, clothing, PPE and medical/healthcare products

    After distributing “Med Consulting” brand products for three years, in 2023 the Company began diversifying the marketing of its lines: enter “VAM”, the first brand of disposable items and more, by Med Consulting.


    We serve with our forniture a variety of professional sectors.

    We began by marketing disposable nitrile gloves and now, just a few years down the road, we supply more than 70 PPE products with more than 1.000 products featured in our catalog to the medical, industrial and mechanical sectors, just to cite a few.